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How much resistance does the Orion Home Gym® offer?

We have stressed tested the Orion Home Gym® several times, and have not yet found an actual limit as of yet, but we can guarantee that it has more than enough resistance to give an adequate workout.

What exercises can be achieved with the Orion Home Gym®?

The Orion Home Gym® is a completely original take on exercise, and it fixes many of the issues with other home gyms: It is virtually impossible to get injured using the Orion Home Gym®, It doesn’t take up an entire room, and, it offers high resistance at a low cost.

Exercises include:

Bicep Curl

Tricep Extension

Lateral Pull Down


Ab Crunches

Bench Press


Shoulder Press

much more…

Why was Orion Home Gym® Created?

We love going to the gym, and like most people we’ve tried to reach our fitness goals at least a few times, but the truth is less than 8% of people ever meet there goals. Certain tasks such as work, school, and other responsibilities, constantly get in the way, and most people are never able to go to the gym consistently.

A 2005 joint study done by Stanford and Berkeley Universities found that the average gym member only exercises 4.8 times a month. That’s an average of only exercising once a week. People are in a sense paying for a service they don’t us adequately, if at all. This leads to no results, and in the end people just quit going. With your help, are patent pending home gym will soon change all that. The Orion Home Gym® is affordable, portable, and has the most resistance of any home gym its size. The Orion home gym can achieve a full body workout by using some of the most successful exercises any gym can offer. The only difference is injury is virtually impossible. For us, we use it first thing in the morning, and can get a workout faster than most people can drive to their gym and back.

How is the Orion Home Gym® installed?

These are several ways to install the Orion Home Gym®., but two of the best ways include:

1. Pre-drill doorway(preferably a closet) with a ¼” drill bit, 2 holes on the top of the doorway, and two holes on the bottom of the doorway. Use a screwdriver to turn the eyelet hooks all the way in. Once installed the hooks will stand out 1” from door trim, and are hardly intrusive. To use gym, simply attach the carabiners from cable to eyelets on doorway. Once finished exercising, simply unhook the carabiners, and move gym out of the way.

2. The Orion Home Gym® can be attached to a pull-up bar; however, this will reduce the maximum resistance that can be used. Wrap the two upper cables around pull up bar, and hook the carabiner back onto the cable itself. In a similar fashion the lower cables can be wrapped around an object (your shoes, chair, bench, etc.)

How does the Orion Home Gym® work?

The Orion Home Gym® is a simple and effective system. An axle going through the center of the device is attached to two pulleys, and a center brake drum. Two vinyl coated cables rotate around the pulleys, and turn the center brake drum when vertical force is applied. When a brake which is threaded though the side of the device is tightened, it adds friction to the center drum. To intermittently remove resistance, pull the axle out from the right handle. To reengage the axle, simply push it back in.

The brake device works by turning a threaded rod through the two ends of a clamp. In the example above the left end of the clamp is threaded, and the right end turns freely. At the end of the rod there is a retaining ring which pulls the right side as the left side of the clamp is unscrewed. This causes the brake lining to be constricted around the center brake drum, there by causing friction, and governable resistance.

Our Mission:

Orion Fitness Inc. was founded for the purpose of creating a low cost, highly efficient, and portable exercise machine that could give users a “real workout”. When picking out a home gym, currently people have two options: 1. A home gym that can actually give resistance but is large, and take up nearly an entire room, or 2. A gym system that is very portable; however, offers very little resistance. Our goal was to have a gym that didn’t require the sacrifice, and what we came up with was the, “Orion Home Gym®”

Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 4 x 4 in

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